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Update on Pastor Leonard
Latest update (4/22/14 @ 10:30 p.m.)  Pastor was able to go home this afternoon.  He still has several days of recovery ahead of him.  Thanks so much for you prayers, calls, cards, texts, messages, and thoughts.  May the Lord bless you 100 fold for you labor of love and prayers.  He is still very weak at times.

(4/22/14 @ 8:00 a.m.)  Pastor reported having the best night since he has been in the hospital last night.  He is excited about the possibility of being able to come home today; however, the doctor will have to make that decision upon examining him.  Dr. Miller has reemphasized that regardless of how he feels, 2 weeks of no visitors will be crucial to his recovery.  Pastor Leonard has frequent times of being "totally exhausted."  Thanks for your continued prayers, calls, texts, messages.  Although it is impossible for him to respond, he sure appreciates the expressions of love so many have sent his way.  Click here  to leave a message.

(4/20/14 @ 8:50 p.m.)  Pastor had a great day today.  They had him walking up and down the halls.  We thank the Lord for helping him so much.  He does have episodes of extreme weakness; but is thankful for the mercy of God upon his life.  Continue to pray for him.  

(4/20/14 @ 9:15 a.m.)  Pastor rested very well last night.  His mind and personality are all back to 100%; however, his physical body is still extremely weak.  He has walked a little, and he has been moved to the recovery wing of the hospital.  They are hoping to have him walking more today and will decide if the near future involves him being able to return home or if he will have to spend some time in rehab in order to receive the adequate opportunity for his body to recover.  The doctors have stressed to the family that he needs no visitors for the next two weeks.  His speed of recovery is contingent upon him not being involved with any more stress than necessary.   Thanks again for all the prayers, texts, and messages.  

(4/19/14 @ 4:15 p.m.)  Pastor has walked some for the first time since the heart attack, praise the Lord.  He is still very weak.  He is already thinking about his flock.  He texted to make sure we contacted people to come hear Brother Rose.  Even in the lowest condition, he still has the souls of those for whom he has prayed for every day on his heart.  The many messages and texts mean so much to him.

(4/19/14 @ 8:45 a.m.)  Pastor seemed to sleep and rest well last night.  He is still in CCU and not yet stable enough to be transferred to a regular room.  The extent of temporary and permanent damage done to his heart will not be known for a couple weeks.  He has enjoyed the flow of messages that everyone has sent to him.  Once he was told the Spring Fellowship was cancelled, he seemed to have a huge weight off of him.  The doctors still have not given the family a projected release date or recovery time.  Based upon the severity of the heart attack, they say the recovery could take several weeks or months.  We will update again around noon.  They have stated that it will be important to his long-term recovery for him not to be around people outside his family for two weeks after he comes home.  

(4/18/14 @ 3:06 p.m.)  Pastor Leonard is still very week; however, he is sitting up in a chair and very coherent.  They are hoping to be able to get him in a regular room today.  If you have his number, his son said he will not be able to respond, but would love to receive a text message from you.

(4/18/14 @11:23 a.m.)  Pastor rested fairly well last night; however, he is still very weak.  He is much more alert today than he has been since being in the hospital.  The doctors do not know exactly when he will be transferred to a regular room.  He does seem to be improving.

(4/17/14@6:50 p.m.) Pastor had the balloon removed.  He is very weak.  Please pray for him as his heart begins to work harder.  He is more alert today.

(4/17/14)  Pastor's condition is about the same.  He currently has a 3-stage balloon catheter that is still at Stage 3.  He is resting somewhat under sedation.  The Doctors are reemphasizing that he can have no visitors at this most critical time.  Thanks.

(4/16/14) The Pastor had a heart attack this morning (4/16) due to a complete blockage in one of his valves.  They put in a stent and said he would be in the hospital for a couple days at least.  It is critical for him that he have no visitors at this time.  The next 24-48 hours are very critical for him.  He will have to be on bed rest for a minimum of two weeks according to the doctors.  Thanks for all the calls and prayers.

Many have asked where to send cards.  You may send them to the following address:

Bobby Leonard
2900 Walkup Ave.
Monroe, NC  28110

CANCELLED:  Annual Spring Fellowship

Due to Pastor Leonard's recent heart problem, we will be unable to have the Annual Spring Fellowship this year.  Please pray for Pastor Leonard's recovery.  We are sorry about the inconvenience of this to so many.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at (704) 283-4395.  You may also email us (email).

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*Bible Baptist Tabernacle is an independent, fundamental, baptist church located in Monroe, NC.  Most members are from the Wingate, Marshville, Peachland, Polkton, Indian Trail, Waxhaw, and Unionville areas of Union County.  Our church uses only the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible.  BBT is still "just a little-old fashioned" baptist church.  Bobby L. Leonard is the Pastor.